Your Guide to Earning CPD Points with BDAQ in 2020

Activities are deemed approved for the BDAQ CPD Program whether formal or informal if they relate, engage, inform, expand, your career as a building designer. Social clubs, meetings, presentations, site visits, readings, which do not develop your career as a building designer are not considered approved under this scheme.

Some activities that you can participate in to earn points:

  • Units from a related Degree, Diploma, Cert IV or Cert III course

  • BDAQ-hosted CPD or Masterclass (in person or online)

  • Seminars, trade/technical presentations, conferences or workshops hosted by industry

  • BDAQ Branch Meetings

  • Active role on BDAQ branch/state/national committees

  • Mentoring students

Got an activity and not sure whether it's deemed 'approved' for BDAQ's CPD program? Use this handy flow chart!


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