Your BDAQ President's message about COVID-19

Updated: Apr 2

A message to all BDAQ Members from your President, Owen Kleidon:

Are you sick of Corona Virus yet?

I am. Thankfully though not sick from it and at this moment neither is anyone that I directly know. Sadly though that is more likely to happen than not in the next week or two. How serious will that be? How many of my friends will get it and more so, how many friends and family won’t recover is absolutely unknown.

Our Association remains operational and will be here to support our members during this time. We will continue to provide member services including training and support throughout. Our staff have already made plans to continue working even if The Build & Design Centre ends up being closed . The executive and committee will continue to support our members however possible. If anything this is an opportunity for us to increase and improve the online services that we offer and we will be focused on that.

Where to from here? How do you plan for the unknown? Right now there is no endgame and until one appears planning is really more like guessing. Let’s hope for the best and plan for the worst. Let’s make sure that first and foremost we are healthy. Don’t put yourselves at unnecessary risk. Our healthcare systems can barely cope with the everyday happenings. Don’t contribute to making it harder than it absolutely needs to be. Follow the guidelines and take relevant precautions.

Next. Step up and be a leader and part of the solution. I am pretty certain that on the other side of this pandemic our lives and businesses will not be the same as today. This is the opportunity to change what we do and how we do it. Improve systems, processes and procedures. Change the service that you offer and how you offer it. Make the most of those around you rapidly learning to embrace a greater reliance on technology and reduced face to face contact with peers, employees and clients alike. Use this time as an opportunity to improve.

Most importantly don’t feel like you are on your own. Hundreds or thousands of us are dealing with the same issues for the same reason. If you need assistance reach out. The greatest strength of our association n is our camaraderie. We were there for each other in the beginning and we will be there now and into the future.

Don’t take this lightly. It will bite you hard. Don’t rely on the government to bail us or anyone else out of this. It’s unlikely any assistance package will be sufficient to sustain you if you haven’t changed how you do business. When the time is right step up in your communities. Use the creativity, inventiveness and resourcefulness that Building Designers are renowned for to ensure that our communities also survive the physical and financial trauma that will come. Continue to meet (virtually when necessary) and talk with your peers. Wherever you can provide both direct and indirect support for other businesses both small and large in your community and in time that support will be repaid.


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