Update on BDAQ's Compulsory CPD

From April 1st 2020, BDAQ will be implementing a compulsory CPD program for all full & affiliate members. As an association, we strive to ensure our members are considered professionals. A professional is someone who understands the importance of the trusted role they play in society. They are inspired not only to maintain the high level of knowledge upon which their community relies but to take the steps needed to demonstrate this level of leadership and commitment to the community they serve. This commitment to continuous learning will ensure our members are highly regarded by complementary and aligned professionals in the Building and Construction Industry.

What do I need to do in 2020? As part of your membership renewal this year, you'll be asked to agree to complete 20 (for full members) or 10 (for affiliate members) points of CPD throughout the 2020 membership year. How do I track my points? You can access a log via BDAQ's website where you can record the details of each activity you participate in throughout the year. Updating the log throughout the year & ensuring you file away all proof of activities will help make your annual renewal process easy.

  • It's up to individual members to keep track of their own points progress throughout the year - BDAQ's Head Office will not be doing this for you.

  • Each member is expected to keep proof of their activities (attendance certificates or other participation confirmation) for their own records.

What will happen at 2021 renewal time? From 2021 renewal and beyond, you'll be asked to submit a log of all CPD activities to head office as part of your renewal process. Admin will conduct random audits on a percentage of members' logs, with members asked to provide proof of their activities, to ensure they demonstrate compliance with the CPD program. Closer to this time, you'll receive detailed information about how you need to submit your log. Rest assured, it will be a simple process for you! How can I earn CPD points throughout the year? Lots of activities that you probably already do can count towards your points total! BDAQ branch meetings, CPD sessions run by BDAQ or other industry organisations, volunteering on a committee, mentoring and self-lead learning can all give you points. BDAQ works hard to ensure all our members have access to plenty of CPD opportunities at branch meetings, online and through extra events. Your CPD log, which you'll receive during the 2020 renewal period, has details of different activities and how many points you'll receive for Have questions about compulsory CPD with BDAQ? Check out our website to find out more about BDAQ's compulsory CPD. If you still have questions about the administrative side of compulsory CPD, get in touch with your Head Office team via admin@bdaq.com.au or (07) 3067 7264.

What's happening in our industry with Compulsory CPD? BDAQ understands, from discussions with QBCC, that QBCC is firmly committed to compulsory CPD for all Building Designer licensees within the near future. QBCC has a working group sorting out the processes and details at the present time. BDAQ is staying regularly connected with this working group to ensure our input is taken on board during the process.


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