Seams too good to be true with Knauf’s Stratopanel Linear

Knauf’s Stratopanel Linear offers easier and faster installation of high-performance acoustic plasterboard.

Stratopanel Linear is part of the Stratopanel range – a trusted acoustic solution for ceilings and walls manufactured with high quality, ultra-sharp perforations in a variety of continuous perforated patterns. The range, exclusive to Knauf, meets the high level of acoustic performance required in commercial public areas such as offices, retail centres, schools, hospitals, conference halls and hospitality spaces.

Stratopanel offers a beautiful monolithic look with a seamless finish.

How is Stratopanel Linear different?

Stratopanel Linear has the same outstanding qualities offered by the standard Stratopanel range, but requires no glue or jointing compound during installation. Stratopanel Linear is engineered to allow a precise fit between boards, with the v-joints becoming almost invisible when painted. This results in the seamless appearance you’ve come to expect of the Stratopanel range.

Stratopanel Linear boards can be curved, come with a white pre-primed surface and do not need a sealer undercoat.

A complete system

Knauf offers Stratopanel Linear as part of a truly complete system with the Knauf Wide Face Furring Channels and matching clips.

When installed as a complete system, you can rest assured that you are covered by the Knauf Warranty for complete peace of mind.

A breath of fresh air

As with all products in the Stratopanel range, Stratopanel Linear incorporates CLEANEO technology to improve the air quality of indoor spaces. CLEANEO contains dehydrated zeolite, an aggregate mineral with a nanoporous structure.

Together with gypsum, zeolite creates a large inner layer of plaster surfaces within the Stratopanel board itself. This inner layer works to reduce both smells and airborne pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) e.g. formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

Stratopanel Linear makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of high-performance acoustic plasterboard with high visual appeal.

To find out more about Stratopanel Linear, download the product brochure.

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