Payment plans available for your 2020 BDAQ Membership fees

BDAQ understands that many of our members, like so many in the world at the moment, are being severely affected by the current economic situation.

In order to assist our members with their business cash flow situation, we are offering all members the opportunity to put their annual membership fees on a payment plan.

Members are able to choose between breaking their membership into quarterly or monthly instalments.

Instalment payments do not attract an additional administration fee, but we do require all instalment payments to be set up on credit card autopay. This helps our Head Office team keep time free to continue to provide great member benefits to all members. Details on how to set up autopay will be in your invoice if you choose this option.

During these difficult times, there's never been a better time to be part of an Association. We provide our members with opportunities to learn and network during this potential downtime and believe all members should continue to have access to these benefits, even in the current economic situation.

If you wish to set up a payment plan for your membership fees, you need to email, let us know whether you'd like to pay monthly or quarterly and confirm that you are willing to pay your instalments via autopay.


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