Member Spotlight - Joe Reggi

Member: Joe Reggi

Branch: Brisbane

After a huge 40 years in the industry and almost just as long involved with the BDAQ, Joe Reggi is still an active member of the Brisbane branch - coming along to every meeting and CPD session - and has gained a reputation as a respected member of our community.

Joe Reggi

We're lucky enough to have Joe share his insights with us this week as one of our Member Spotlights!

Career Background:

My catalyst for entering the industry was a cousin in Italy who was a designer of homes working on a drawing board. I was only 12 years old - I was so impressed and that was what I wanted to do. I loved tech drawing and excelled in that subject. In my final year of school I was awarded a price for winning a logo competition (100years) within the Christian brothers in Queensland

Time with BDAQ

Jeff Osman convinced me to join in the early nineties. I've got a medium rise license and became licensed when it was first introduced!

I got my qualification through what was QIT at the time - an AEBET in Built Environment.

BDAQ has been important through the continued development - conferences and study tours in the early days.

I enjoy not been called an architect - being a proud designer who loves to please my clients and seeing the excitement I bring their lives.

In this game you never stop learning. Always absorbing looking out for something new or old. Looking for elegant designs and portions in cars like the Ferrari museum. Always love going back holidaying in Italy and travelling and seeing historic buildings.

H4 Living

I have 7+ staff in drafting, admin & interior design. I'm the only building designer! I use the drawing board, the only way to design. In the office we use revit and 3D modelling and VR.

We specialise with one-offs and managing the project from start to completion. We enjoy very challenging and tricky one-offs especially in Sydney with tough CDC. Redesigning architects plans and turning them into practical and affordable structures. We handle difficult clients by educating them.

I get inspiration by travelling overseas and going looking for inspiration like one in Venice and opportunity to see Zaha Hadid works at the binalle.

I have never been one for awards. My clients are my awards. Oh, I do have lots of golfing awards!

A funny project story? When a Hong Kong client asks you to design a major reno around a 1.5diametre X 2.4high fish tank to be the center piece and can be seen from anywhere in the house. Forget about the house!

Personal Life

I grew up in Annerley as the oldest of four siblings.

I love to play GOLF every week…I have just returned from Perth after a tournament with the Italian golf Assoc. representing the QLD team and coming second.

Travelling every year and visiting exotic countries always looking and studying buildings and the arts. It’s not every day one gets to go inside a 4500 year old pyramid or crawl underground tunnels in Vietnam!

Want to find out more about Joe and his work? Visit his website: www.h4living.com.au


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