Marketing Mediums: Tips for Marketing to your Niche

When your training to become a licensed Building Designer is completed, it can be hard to know where to start to market your business and get in front of clients to create their new dream home.

Tash Brennfleck from United Media Group, a publishing company specialising in marketing building design businesses, offers some valuable tips on where to start and where to go when marketing your business.

Cultivating Confidence

The first place to start in marketing your business is cultivating confidence in your practice. This might seem like a sidestep, but this is really important because that is how you know what sets you apart from other businesses.

This is especially important because sometimes the knowledge gained in higher education and training hasn’t quite solidified yet – so sometimes the best option is to spend time making, creatively thinking, and producing designs.

Moreover, this process allows you to find out how you think through creative issues and design problems. It gives you insights into what exactly it is that excites you about designing and creating, and most importantly gives you a pathway to developing on your practice and defining your niche.

This is where your marketing angle begins to take shape.

Knowing Your Niche

Knowing your niche comes from knowing exactly what you’re all about, and this topic should energise and excite you to get out into the world. Getting your name out there comes in many forms – it includes networking, going to places where you can make and follow new leads, and follow up old leads with ease.

Networking events such as BDAQ branch meetings, webinars, and the like are great spaces to network to know others, their practice, and feel part of the community. Community is an essential part of networking – as networking is not necessarily always about getting a sale or a lead.

At UMG, clients get great success with one or two landmark projects. These projects are the really innovative unique or otherwise just drop-dead gorgeous designs that ultimately show off a client’s unique skills. This landmark project isn’t necessarily related to financial risk but to fantastic innovative design ideas within their niche.

An option to set yourself apart in the market is finding your ideal client and creating a landmark project which will be your portfolio to achieve other clients. If you’re starting out working for yourself or coming in to oversee a project from the beginning – try and get a landmark project from the get-go as one amazing project will net you more business than many average projects.

Document Your Designs

When it comes to sharing your work, it’s so important that what you’re sharing is at the same quality as what you’re making. Pictures really do tell a thousand words, so creating a strong impression of the project you have made is paramount.

With image documentation comes the important descriptive elements. An accompanying text can really help add more detail to your hard work so clients, admirers, and peers can learn more about your practice. For example, putting a short bio on your website with a few images gives people a lot of insight into the type of work you do and they are more likely to hire you for their project.

Media Best for Marketing

Once you have some fantastic documentation of your work – a great place to put these images and text is onto your social media. Something to remember about social media it is great at directing awareness to your niche and business, but not the best at directing sales to you. This is because of how people consume media , which can be described by the Hot and Cold Media theory:

Hot Media is ‘high definition’ and rich in sensory data, Cool Media is low-definition and requires more effort on the part of the audience.

Hot Media – Physical publications like newspapers & magazines:

- The audience is fully engaged in the act of reading and is taking in all the information

- Physical print allows for a more in depth look at your business & projects

- Because of the nature of print, prospective clients have bought the printed material and therefore already have an investment in the information to act on the marketing within the pages

Cold Media - Social media, online formats:

- The audience is not fully engaged and often has to fill in the gaps of the information

- Might not address the prospective client’s wants and needs in the content presented

- Often is not looking to act straight away, may just be passively scrolling

Social Proof

Social Proof is an important thing to bring into the mix when marketing your new business. People trust social credibility – having a feature in a magazine, a blog, or other type of media is a great example of social proof – as it shows your recognition in the industry and that you are a legitimate business.

Consider doing some research and contact organisations who could feature your business. Places that could help you include blogs, print publications, or simply asking your next client to write a testimonial on the project you completed to upload to your website.

At United Media Group, we feature news and editorial pieces about businesses, both online and in print. Sharing our partner’s landmark projects not only builds social proof, but also leads to an increase in leads and sales. Which is why we offer packages that include both editorial and advertising to give our clients to maximise exposure to our readership and the hot media marketing can take full effect.

Marketing Health Check for BDAQ Members

This was a little bit of a crash course in marketing your new business or revamping your established business. I hope these pointers really help you.

Not sure how your current marketing is going? Need some pointers on your social media channels?

Drop me a line at tash@umg.com.au and I’ll be happy to have a look at your marketing presence and give you feedback and advice.

If you’re interested in marketing opportunities with United Media Group, don’t hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do to help your business.

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