Making your 2020 awards submissions a breeze

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The 2020 awards season is upon us! With online entries opening up from Monday 2nd December and closing Friday 31st January, now is the time to really get thinking about your submissions.

Ready to enter? Submit your entries at www.bdaq.awardsplatform.com

You have better things to do than spend (what feels like) half a lifetime putting together awards submissions! Here's a few tips to work smarter, not harder, this awards season so you can get back to making your millions quickly...

Project details

Every entry you submit will ask you the same questions, relating to your details and the details of the project you're submitting.

If you've got lots of projects to submit and want all your project info all in one place, use this project details spreadsheet template. That way, when you go to begin entering details, everything is right there in one place to refer back to!

Answering questions

Depending on which category you're submitting your entry into, you'll be asked a series of 6-10 questions. These questions are what your judges will score your project on, so it's important to answer them well!

All criteria questions are laid out in this year's BDAQ Design Awards Entrant Handbook, which you can download here. Even if you're not setting aside time to submit entries for a little while, it's good to read the questions and make sure you've got some answers ready for when you go to submit.

Submitting the same entry into multiple categories

One of your amazing projects may qualify to be entered into multiple categories (check out the category definitions in this year's Entrant Handbook!), but that doesn't mean you have to sit there writing each submission individually!

Submitting one entry into multiple categories is easy:

1. Complete your entry in the first category you'd like to submit it in

2. Head to your My Entries dashboard on BDAQ's Awards Platform

3. Click the checkbox next to your first entry

Click the checkbox next to your first entry

4. Click 'copy'

Click the 'copy' button

5. Go into your copied submission & change the category

Change the category your copied entry is going into

6. All the data from your first entry will be copied over with your copied entry. But still go through each tab and double check your details & answers are correct, then submit your entry!

Bulk photo uploading

Save yourself some time when uploading attachments by bulk uploading your photos!

When prompted to upload photos, simply hold down the shift key on your computer and select the photos you wish to include with your submission. No need to upload one at a time!

Make sure you mark two photos as your hero shots (this is done after your photos are uploaded - you get the option to label each photo!) for use on certificates and awards media should your entry win!

Ready to enter? Submit your entries at www.bdaq.awardsplatform.com


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