Ferroni Leather: BDAQ's Newest Partner

Updated: Sep 11

We're excited to welcome aboard BDAQ's newest State Partner, Ferroni Leather! It's great to know that even in these trying times the value of our partnerships is clear.

FERRONI Leather Design is the leader in leather flooring and wall covering in Australia. It is a part of a multinational group creating high-end interior designs for residential and commercial properties. The use of leather on the floor or wall gives the interior a chic character. We can cover and accentuate almost every surface.

Andre Limal

From Australian descent but French-born and raised, Andre Limal is Ferroni Leather Design owner-operator.

Having had the chance to move to Australia and establish a very enjoyable life is something I never take for granted,” Andre says. France may be an enviable country but Andre has felt right at home since moving to Brisbane, and hasn't looked back.

His independent, positive and fast-paced nature pushed him to start his own joinery business a year after he landed in Brisbane. Always up for a challenge, Andre and his business partner started Ferroni in 2015, with Andre becoming the sole owner of Ferroni in 2017.

Throughout his broad and diverse career as a timber cabinet maker, Andre has developed a taste for naturally stylish, boutique materials. Upon learning of a leather covering, Andre researched the idea and was thoroughly convinced not to mention seduced by the idea of having such a warm and authentic material on walls, floors and joinery surfaces.

“Walking on it barefoot is an unequalled feeling. What's more, constant 'wearing in' from foot traffic only serves to make it unique,” he says.

If you would like to view and handle some samples of this beautiful product please email andre@ferroni.com.au



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