The future for Interior Designers

A change in attitude

A change in legislation

So, what is an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is a qualified professional who complements a building’s internal function by addressing spatial planning, layout and internal hard finishes. An Interior Designer can also provide a finish of decorating the space to complete it aesthetically.

An Interior Designer designs and documents interior spaces while interpreting and applying relative legislation. They produce technical drawings of the interior space to its entirety, incorporating services to the building, technical cabinetry design and the selection of hard fixtures, fittings and materials.

and where do they fit in the industry?

Interior Designers work closely with Architects and Building Designers to ensure both the building’s fabric and internals are suitable to the overall project outcome. An Interior Designers’ role is a combination of creative skill with highly technical knowledge and ability.

Interior Designers present a crucial role within the building industry, complementing roles of other qualified professionals in both written & documented form. They often become “the client”, the go-between as the aesthetics and feel of the building and space become an integral focus, taking the pressure off their clients and trades.

Why does their role need to be regulated?

At this point in time, anyone can call themselves an Interior Designer without qualification. The public believes our role is decorating only without any technical association to our work, with Interior Designers having to regularly justify our skills to trade professionals, clients and the media.

It is important clients are aware of who they are hiring as currently, they do not have the ability to check for licencing, qualification or insurance coverage. There are specific roles for Interior Designers and Interior Decorators within the design industry - the roles and responsibility of each must be defined and understood to enable all to work in harmony for the success of projects.

So, what's the plan?

Our mission is to act as an advocate to the State Government and the QBCC.  In accordance with the QBCC Act, those who undertake design and specification of building work, must be licenced.  As such, there is a need for Interior Designers to be licenced, with the process of qualifying for this licence to be resolved.

By uniting Interior Designers and aligning them with industry professionals within the Association, we could see a shift in attitude for Interior Designers as a useful and much-needed resource on projects. Interior Designers need a voice and the support of industry professionals behind them to provide networking, continuous professional development, advocacy and representation of the profession at a local, state and national level.

Be heard.

Be supported.

Be a part of change

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