Becoming a Building Designer

Student Story
Alysha Vasallo
Studying towards degree Bachelor of Building Design at CQU
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Building Design through CQ University. I first became a Student Member of BDAQ in the first year of my studies in 2017. I found becoming a member extremely beneficial for my studies as well as for gaining connections within the industry. Regularly attending the monthly BDAQ meetings, has enabled me to keep updated on the continuously changing products, regulations and matters within the building industry. These meetings have positively impacted my knowledge and studies as it has provided me with valuable sources of information through furthering my contacts around the different occupations within the BDAQ community. Since becoming a member of BDAQ and regularly attending the meetings, I was able to meet and gain work experience at a Building Design company, who have subsequently employed me. For anyone who is studying Building Design, I would highly recommend becoming a BDAQ Student Member.
Employer Story
Owen Kleidon StruXi Design
We have made a conscious decision to employ and support students within our business. We currently have a School-Based Cadet who is with us one day a week as well as four staff that joined us as high school graduates who are currently undertaking tertiary studies while they work.  Having these students on our team is great because not only are they all willing to learn and improve their skills, but they are also aren’t afraid to provide fresh ideas and contributions to the team with what they learn in their studies.  We work in a collaborative environment where the ideas of both the students and the old hands are blended in pursuit of design outcomes.
What is a Building Designer?

A Building Designer is a professional that designs buildings, both residential and commercial. They deal directly with consumers and sometimes are sometimes employed by building companies.

Building Designers have gained a solid reputation for providing stunning, practical and most importantly, buildable designs. They strive to understand and listen to their clients needs to design a project that the client loves and meets their expectations.

How to become a Building Designer

Your first step to becoming a Building Designer is studying. 

You've got a few options between TAFE and University, which will determine which licence class you can apply for once you've graduated.


You can meet the education requirements for Medium Rise with CQU's Associate Degree of Building Design.

If you want to meet the education requirements for an Open Licence, you'll need to complete CQU's Bachelor of Building Design or QUT's

Bachelor of Design (Architecture) 



You can meet the education requirements for Low Rise or Medium Rise with TAFE Queensland's Diploma of Building Design.

Applying for a Licence via the QBCC

Once you've graduated from Uni or TAFE, you'll need to get to work gaining experience before applying for your own licence.

You need two years of experience working on projects within the scope of whichever licence class you'd like to apply for.

There are a couple of ways to do this - you can go and work for a builder or work under a licenced Building Designer.

Find out more via QBCC ->

Low Rise Licence
  • Prepare plans and specifications for a class 1 or class 10 building (PDF)

  • Prepare plans and specifications for classes 2 to 9 buildings (PDF) with a gross floor area of not more than 2000m², but not including Type A or Type B construction

  • Contract administration in relation to building work designed by the licensee.

Find out more via QBCC.

Medium Rise Licence
  •  Prepare plans and specifications for buildings to a maximum of three storeys above a storey used for the parking of vehicles but not including a Type A construction other than class 2, 3, or 9 buildings

  • Contract administration in relation to building work designed by the licensee.

Find out more via QBCC.

Open Licence
  • Prepare plans and specifications for buildings of any height or floor area

  • Contract administration in relation to building work designed by the licensee.

Find out more via QBCC.

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