BDAQ Membership

Full Member

If you hold a QBCC Building Design licence you can apply to be a Full Member.


$660 annually


Associate Member

If you don't hold a QBCC Building Design licence and aren't employed by a BDAQ Member, you may apply for Associate Membership

$450 annually

Affiliate Member

If you don't hold a QBCC Building Design licence and work for a BDAQ Full Member, you can apply for Affiliate Membership.

$175 annually

Student Member

If you are studying an approved course which qualifies you to work in the Building Design sector, you can apply for Student Membership.


Graduate Member

If you have recently graduated, but don't have your QBCC license yet, you can apply for Graduate Membership.

$85 annually

Member Benefits


  • The recognised peak body for Building Designers in Queensland

  • Association’s mission is to promote, support and enhance the profession of Building Design.

  • Members are encouraged to be even more professional with good CPD program.

  • You learn from colleagues to have good design and excellent documentation.

  • The logo reinforces your worth.


  • BDAQ advocates for its members and continues to ensure you have a profession.

  • BDAQ has a direct link to QBCC.

  • BDAQ talks with the State Government and Councils.

  • BDAQ is represented on several Industry Reference Groups.

  • You are a member of NABD (National Assoc of Building Designers).

Your Association

  • Structured to be a member-driven association – your say matters.

  • Being a member increases your say to the industry.

  • Many opportunities for you to get involved.


  • Head Office is at the Brisbane Build & Design Centre.  Members can use the facility.

  • Your Head Office assists all branches and executives, which helps you.

  • The website has lots in the Member’s Hub, contracts, checklists and more.

  • You are listed on and are regularly promoted to consumers

Networking + Collegiality

  • You are part of a branch, with others like yourself.

  • BDAQ provides excellent opportunities to meet like-minded professionals.

  • Many events to choose from: branch meetings, seminars, awards nights.

  • Opportunities to gain from rewarding volunteering.

  • Contacts to obtain employees or gain employment yourself.

  • Collaboration opportunities with other members.


  • Cheaper Indemnity Insurance with Webber.

  • Specifications.

  • QARC4Revit.

  • Australian Standards


  • Excellent Design Awards program.

  • It’s easy to enter the awards, with a streamlined online process.

  • Considerable marketing opportunities and your fees can increase.

Industry Connections

  • Many Corporate Partners. 

  • These provide financial support, keeping membership fees affordable.

  • Partners deliver excellent technical advice.

  • BDAQ has links with other associations like HIA, QMBA, Design Associations.

  • Technical talks from other building professionals.

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