5 Awards Categories to Enter in 2021

1st December 2020

It's that time of year again where BDAQ members far and wide look at their projects and decide which ones are 'awards worthy'. But are you entering all the categories you could be? There's lots of categories outside of new homes or renovations that make for an award entry outside of the ordinary!

Maybe you don't think the work you do is 'awards worthy' because you don't do any flashy new homes? Think again! If you work on projects that are a little out-of-the-box, now is your time to shine!

Here's 5 awards categories you should be entering in 2021...

Villa-Mini-Casa by Reece Keil Design, winner of the 2020 Best Small Home category

Crest Apartments by Boris Design, winner of the 2020 Multi-Residential Projects over 3 Storeys category

Caltex Caboolture Travel Centre by inTotum, winner of the 2020 New Commercial Buildings over $5,000,000 construction cost category

Panoramic Place by Balay VanDyke, winner of the 2020 Sustainable Building Design category

1: Multi-Residential Projects over 3 Storeys>

We know there’s not too many members who do big mutli-res projects, but we know you’re out there! Enter that big beautiful building in the awards – we’re ready and waiting for you.  

2: Small Home (Floor area under 150m2)

Small but mighty! It’s impressive to create a space for people to live in that comes under 150m2, so if you’ve done a small home project, show it off.

3: New Commercial Buildings over $5,000,000

These projects are something to be proud of! Even if you think the big commercial building you worked on wasn’t particularly pretty, pop it in and show off the HUGE potential of Building Designers to other members, industry and consumers.

4: Sustainable Building Design

With sustainability rising as a hit topic in recent years, now is the time to get your business recognised for it. If you’ve done a project with sustainable features above and beyond standard six star elements, enter it!

5: Industrial Buildings (New/Alteration/Addition)

Lucky last is a category for projects that you probably wouldn’t typically think of for awards entries. But think again! Help us show off that Building Designers do more than just pretty houses and typical commercial buildings – highlight the less aesthetic, but all-important industrial buildings you may have worked on.

Miami Man Caves by Boris Design, winner of the 2020 Industrial Buildings (new/alterations/additions) category