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Building Designers Association of Queensland

Did you know that around 75% of residential and over 40% of commercial and industrial buildings are designed by building designers?

BDAQ represents, promotes, and advances the interests of all practicing building designers in Queensland. We aim to promote and maintain professional business standards amongst building designers as well as to provide opportunities to network within this building industry.

Builders, construction companies, developers, project managers, mums and dads, even architects use building designers to design their buildings and prepare all of the necessary working drawings and documentation needed for approval and construction.

BDAQ is also a member of the National Association of Building Designers (NABD).  The NABD forms a national voice to promote and develop the profession of Building Design across Australia.

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The Building Designers Association of Queensland (BDAQ) has a dynamic, innovative, progressive group of members who are always looking for new products and opportunities to learn.

This means that, when you use a BDAQ member, there is a great chance that your project will incorporate the very latest technology and meet all the building code and other regulation requirements.

View the latest media releases, products, awards and more information aimed at building designers whether it be, new homes, renovations or extension designs.

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